August 13, 2008
Tip of the Week: Save Time and Money with Direct Deposit
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Vision Payroll

Are you tired of issuing stop payments for lost checks? Do you get requests from employees on vacation to be paid in advance? Would you like to solve these problems, increase security, and save money too? Direct deposit is the answer. By giving employees the option to utilize direct deposit, you’ll never have to worry about stop payments for checks that get misplaced or run through the laundry. Employees on vacation can relax, knowing that their paychecks will be in their account come payday. And in these days of increased check fraud, the fewer checks that you have to issue, the safer you’ll be. Employees won’t be forced to rush to the bank during certain times to wait in long lines to get checks cashed. The cost savings can be substantial, too. There’s no separate check to enter into the accounting system; no confusing reconciling item when a paycheck doesn’t get cashed right away; no lost checks to replace; and no bank item fee charged on your bank statement. Call Vision Payroll today to get direct deposit for you and your employees and start saving time and money too.


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