September 02, 2009
Tip of the Week: Ten Steps to Effectively Review Resumes
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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in July 2009 was 9.4% compared to an adjusted rate of 5.8% in July 2008. In turn, many employers have observed from their growing stacks of resumes, a wider availability of experienced workers as interested job applicants. Use the following helpful steps in reviewing the resumes that you receive:

  1. Check the Introduction
  2. Scan the Resume
  3. Confirm the Minimum
  4. Skim the Summary
  5. Target Key Words
  6. Identify Relevant Experience
  7. Review the History
  8. Note the Miscellaneous
  9. Rank and File
  10. Screen and Schedule

To learn more be sure to read this month’s featured article by the HR pros at MyHRSupportCenter, Ten Steps to Effectively Review Resumes. If you’re not yet signed up or would like a free trial of MyHRSupportCenter, contact Vision Payroll today.


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