September 08, 2009
Iowa to Discontinue Use of Magnetic Media for Unemployment Insurance Filings
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Vision Payroll

Effective February 26, 2010, Iowa Workforce Development will no longer accept magnetic media (CDs or diskettes) for filing unemployment insurance data. Any magnetic media submitted after February 26, 2010 will not be processed. The options for employers required to file quarterly reports in 2010 are the following:

  1. Manual Entry – Login to your online tax account and enter your wage information.
  2. File Import – Login to your online tax account and upload a comma-delimited (.csv) file with your wage information. Comma-delimited files can be created using a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. If you currently use this method to file quarterly reports on UITS, the format for CSV files for myIowaUI will be slightly different from what is currently required.
  3. Secure File Transfer – Send your wage information electronically to a secure server; this information will include the report, wage information and payment. The XML format is based on TIGERS FSET Version 2.1.

Contact Vision Payroll if you have any questions on the new filing requirements for Iowa unemployment insurance quarterly data.


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