January 25, 2011
2010 Form W-2 Tips, Part 16, Boxes 15 through 20, State and Local Income Tax Information
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This is the last in a continuing series on the 2010 Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, which employers must generally furnish to employees no later than January 31, 2011. Forms mailed on the due date are considered furnished if properly addressed. Employers unable to meet that deadline may file a request for extension of time to furnish the forms. Today we review Boxes 15 through 20, state and local income tax information.

Two States May Be Reported on Each Individual Form

Employers report state and local tax information in boxes 15 through 20. There is room for two states on each individual form with one state reported above the broken line and one state reported below the broken line. You should report local information in the same manner. If you must report information for more than two states or localities, use a second form. Do not complete federal information on any additional form for the same employee unless it is information that couldn’t fit on the first form or is being reported separately. For the state name, use the two-character abbreviation assigned by the United States Postal Service. The state taxing authority should have assigned the employer’s state ID number to use.

State Wage Reporting Should Follow Rules of That State

State wages reported in box 16 and local wages in box 18 must be reported according to the reporting requirements of the state or locality and may or may not equal wages reported in box 1, box 3, or box 7.

Final Installment in Series on 2010 Form W-2

Although this ends this series on the 2010 Form W-2, Vision Payroll will continue to provide information throughout the year to assist you in the process of gathering data to help ensure an accurate and efficient 2011 year-end reporting season. Contact Vision Payroll with any questions on the 2010 Form W-2.


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