February 21, 2011
Massachusetts Freezes Unemployment Tax Rate Schedule for 2011
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Governor Deval Patrick recently signed legislation that will provide immediate relief to Massachusetts’ businesses by freezing employer contributions to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund at current levels. This new law prevents a scheduled rate hike from taking effect, helping to save businesses $402 million this year. Although the legislation freezes the rate schedule for 2011, individual employer’s rates may increase or decrease from 2010. The rate change is determined by the change in the employer’s Experience Rating.

Legislation Said to Position State for Continued Economic Recovery

“Without this legislation employers would have seen an average increase of $228 per employee,” said Governor Patrick. “We want to encourage a positive climate for employers and by signing this bill we are helping to position the state for continued economic recovery.”

Employer Contributions Tied to Trust Fund Levels

Employer contributions into the UI Trust Fund are tied to the amount of reserves in the trust fund. By law, a scheduled increase was triggered on January 1, 2011, which would have caused an increase in the average contribution per employee of $228 for 2011. In order to reduce costs for Massachusetts businesses, Governor Patrick and the Legislature agreed to freeze the contribution at a lower rate schedule (Schedule E). This measure will not impact benefit levels or eligibility for persons currently collecting unemployment benefits.

Notice of Employer’s Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate for 2011 to Be Released

Now that the legislation has been passed, the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is expected to release through QUEST the Notice of Employer’s Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate for 2011. This notice contains information on each employer’s contribution rates, including the following:

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Rate,
  • Universal Health Insurance (UHI) Rate,
  • Workforce Training Fund (WTF) Rate, and
  • Experience Rating

Contact Vision Payroll for Further Information

Contact Vision Payroll for further information on the unemployment tax rate schedule in Massachusetts for 2011.


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