March 07, 2011
Massachusetts Releases Payroll Unemployment Tax Rates for 2011
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The Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) has released the 2011 contribution rates. Employers apply the rates to taxable payroll to determine the amount of tax due.

Many 2011 Employer Rates Remain Unchanged

Although the new construction employer rate and the solvency assessment rate have both increased, the  new non-construction employer rate, the minimum rate, the maximum positive rate, and the maximum rate all remain unchanged. The following table provides rates for 2011 and 2010.

[table id=26/]

Solvency Assessment Is not Paid Directly

The Solvency Assessment is applied by the Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) when calculating an employer’s Statement of Account Balance. It is applied to the employer’s taxable wages for the period.

Still Have Questions on 2011 Massachusetts Unemployment Tax Rates

Contact Vision Payroll for further information on 2011 Massachusetts unemployment tax rates.


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