March 20, 2011
IRS Discontinues Mailing of Form 941 Tax Package
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IRS Discontinues Mailing of Form 941 Tax PackageThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that it will no longer mail the Form 941 tax package to business taxpayers. Taxpayers who need paper copies of the forms can download them at or

Growth in Electronic Filing Spurred Move

The IRS says that it took these steps due to the continued growth in electronic filing as well as to help reduce costs. Additionally, most business forms are available through tax professionals and tax software.

Mailing of Many Other Forms Also Discontinued

The IRS also announced that mailing of the following forms and publication has also been discontinued:

[table id=27/]

Vision Payroll Submits These Forms Electronically

Vision Payroll submits Form 941, Form 944, and Form 940 electronically to the IRS for its clients and does not need paper copies of the forms.


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