November 18, 2011
Question of the Week: How Can Vision Payroll Help Us Recruit Employees?
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Vision Payroll

How Can Vision Payroll Help Us Recruit Employees?This week’s question comes from Natalie, an HR director.

Natalie asks:

We are looking to hire some more employees, but need some help locating talented candidates. How can Vision Payroll help us recruit employees?

Answer: Vision Payroll has partnered with My Recruiting Center to provide a comprehensive solution to employers looking to recruit and hire new employees.

Different Solutions for Different Employer Needs

Vision Payroll and My Recruiting Center know that different employers have different needs. Therefore, employers can pick from three different levels of service:

  1. Self Service Solution
  2. Full Service Solution
  3. Temp/Contract Solution

Self Service Solution: An Easy Way to Advertise Your Job Opening!

The Self Service Solution has three easy steps:

  1. Pick a Job Description—Edit one of ours or use your own;
  2. Choose Your Advertising— Monster, Career Builder, the paper…We have 150+ locations. List your job wherever you choose; and
  3. Review Your Candidates—One list of candidates screened and ranked. No more logging on to multiple sites to get the same resumes over and over again.

Full Service Solution: Want Someone to Recruit for You?

We have a dedicated team of recruiters available and on call to address any recruiting need. From day labor to IT Specialists, we have the expertise to find the right people quickly.

Temp/Contract Solution: Looking for Temporary and Contract Workers?

Whether it’s a project, a day of labor, or a long-term contract, My Recruiting Center can help you find the temporary and contract labor that meets your needs.

Get Started with My Recruiting Center Today!

Simply go to the Vision Payroll home page, click “Payroll Login”, and then sign in to Online Employer. Once in, click the “Recruiting Center” tab on the left and then the company you want to recruit for on the right and you’re ready to go. Contact Vision Payroll if you need help with your Online Employer login or password.


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