November 20, 2011
California Releases California Employer’s Guide 2012 (DE 44)
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Pam Harris, Chief Deputy Director, California EDDThe California Employment Development Department (EDD) has announced the release of the California Employer’s Guide 2012 DE 44 Rev. 38 (the Guide). The Guide is published to help employers understand their rights and responsibilities.

Information Presented in Chronological Sequence

Information in the Guide is presented in a chronological sequence, beginning with what employers need to know or do first, such as who is an employer, when to register, who is an employee, and what are wages.

California Generally Follows Federal Law

To simplify reporting requirements, the EDD follows federal tax guidelines and due dates whenever possible; however, California laws and rates may differ from federal laws and rates. The EDD administers payroll tax reporting laws according to the California Unemployment Insurance Code (CUIC) and California Code of Regulations (CCR).

The Guide Is an Important Resource

Regardless of the size of the business, the Guide is an important resource on the procedures required for compliance with California payroll tax laws. It clarifies both the provisions of the CUIC and CCR and their application to the business.

The Guide Provides General Information

The Guide provides general information that applies to the majority of employers. The Guide provides references to additional information on specialized topics. Information on detailed or complex issues that only apply to a small number of employers is not included in the Guide.

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