September 26, 2012
Tip of the Week: Streamline Your Hiring Process with Paperless Onboarding
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Vision Payroll

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Paperless OnboardingAre you still printing paper forms to send out to your new hires? Are you wasting time key punching data from forms into payroll? Do you have to go back and correct errors from incomplete and illegible forms? Vision Payroll has a paperless onboarding solution to solve your problems!

From New Hire To Payroll with the Click of a Button

Our fully integrated paperless hiring solution includes the following:

  • E-Verify*
  • Federal Forms W-4 and I-9
  • Tax Credit Forms (optional)
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment (optional)
  • EEOC Data
  • Signed Offer Letters
  • Other Signed Documents (NDAs, Employment Agreements, Employee Handbooks, etc.)
  • Data Transfer Directly into Payroll!

How Paperless Onboarding Works

To start the paperless onboarding process, click the Recruiting Center tab on your online Information Center, click Paperless Hiring (Onboarding) in the Screen and Hire Employees section, and then click Onboard an Employee. Onboarding can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the applicant’s name, e-mail address, and job information.
  2. Attach an optional offer letter, choose which standard documents to send, and attach additional documents to transmit.
  3. Complete the process by e-mailing the forms to the applicant or having the applicant complete the forms in your office (new hire must be present).

If you attach an offer letter or other documents, the applicant will be required to sign these documents with a computer mouse. The document, signature, and date/time stamp will be recorded and available to you for viewing, printing, and downloading.

Standard documents can be updated in your Onboarding Preferences section.

Once the applicant is finished, the forms are returned to you and imported directly into our online payroll system. No more data entry, no more typos or misspellings to correct, no more illegible handwriting to decipher.

Get Started with Paperless Onboarding Today

Contact Vision Payroll today to streamline your hiring process with paperless onboarding for your next new hire.

*Additional fees may apply.


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