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May 6, 2008

How long does direct deposit take to set up?

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After we receive the necessary completed ACH Authorization Agreement, we will send a prenote during the next payroll process. A prenote is a security procedure to make sure the account is active and associated with the correct person. After we send the prenote, it takes ten business days before the direct deposit process begins.

When can I expect delivery of quarterlies?

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We send out quarterlies in the third week after the quarter ends. We do an in-depth reconciliation of every quarterly to ensure accuracy.

I use accounting software to enter my general ledger entries. Do you provide any means for making it easier and with fewer mistakes?

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Yes. We offer our clients a general ledger import. With a chart of accounts, we can customize a file to import directly into your general ledger according to your specifications. With a few simple clicks, your general ledger will be updated. Never mistype data again!

What means of storing information electronically do you provide?

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We offer electronic delivery of all payroll reports. We also offer our clients a year-end CD which contains every payroll report, check stub, quarterly, W2 and 1099 for the entire year.

What delivery options are available with Vision Payroll?

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We use UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Client pickup in our office is also available.

Does it make sense to have Vision Payroll handle both my payroll and my tax filings?

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Yes. We calculate, file, deposit, and reconcile all federal, state, and local payroll taxes in compliance with the latest regulations and filing procedures. That means you get accurate, on-time filings that reconcile your payroll with your tax payments, avoiding tax errors and penalties.

How does it work?

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Each pay period, you or someone in your organization provides us with your payroll data, either online, by email, fax, or phone. We calculate the checks and deductions and send them to you. We will provide detailed reports describing the most current pay run with year to date figures. We handle all tax payments, quarterly and year end filings. In addition, with many of our ancillary products, we can save you time and money by sending your 401k payments, making workers compensation calculations, or sending garnishment payments to various agencies.

How do I change my payroll service to Vision Payroll?

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It’s easy. Simply gather tax numbers, employee info, and payroll data. Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us for more info.

What does a payroll service do?

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Business payroll services typically handle a wide range of tasks, including calculating paycheck and tax obligations, printing and delivering checks, and providing management reports.

Payroll service firms such as Vision Payroll also offer other payroll-related employee benefit services such as automatic check signatures, direct deposit, automatic paycheck deductions as well as filing employer state and federal payroll taxes.

Is a payroll service right for my business?

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Payroll processing and reporting can be a time-consuming task that can prove costly in valuable employee time as well as expensive accounting software and training. In addition, there are changes in personnel, deadlines, and tax requirements that need to be handled. Without proper training, it’s easy to make mistakes that can result in payroll mistakes, employee dissatisfaction, and tax problems.

An outside payroll service is an affordable, convenient way to eliminate the burden of payroll processing and tax filing, especially if your company has a variety of pay schedules, employees in multiple states, or any unique industry or organizational requirements.

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