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March 6, 2011

USCIS Releases Updated Handbook for Employers

USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released an updated Form M-274, Handbook for Employers. The handbook assists employers in completing Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

Form Has Eight Parts

Form M-274 is broken into eight parts, each dealing with a specific topic. The parts are:

  1. Why Employers Must Verify Employment Authorization and Identity of New Employees
  2. Completing Form I-9
  3. Photocopying and Retaining Form I-9
  4. Unlawful Discrimination and Penalties for Prohibited Practices
  5. Instructions for Recruiters and Referrers for a Fee
  6. E-Verify: The Web-based Verification Companion to Form I-9
  7. Some Questions You May Have About Form I-9
  8. Acceptable Documents for Verifying Employment Authorization and Identity

Establishing Identity and Employment Authorization

To establish both identity and employment authorization, a person must present to his or her employer a document or combination of documents, if applicable, from List A, which shows both identity and employment authorization; or one document from List B, which shows only identity, and one document from List C, which shows only employment authorization. Sample illustrations of acceptable documents are also presented.

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