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September 24, 2011

Back-To-Back—Vision Payroll Wins Prestigious National Award for Second Consecutive Year!

For the second straight year, Vision Payroll has been selected as an Outstanding Achievement Award winner by Payroll Associates, the leading payroll software provider in the country. The platinum level award, the highest honor given, was announced at the annual users’ conference held recently in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Customer Service Is a Top Priority at Vision Payroll

“Many companies claim to make customer service a priority,” said Anne Leader, president of Vision Payroll. “To receive a platinum-level award and be one of only four companies from among hundreds of eligible companies to win in consecutive years proves that we at Vision Payroll make customer service our top priority every day.

“Our customers recognize this dedication and that’s why each year hundreds of them choose to use Vision Payroll for their payroll and other employer services.

“We thank our employees for their hard work and customer focus that puts a human face on our leading-edge technology. We also want to thank our business associates, whose belief in us is evidenced by their many referrals each year that allow us to grow our business successfully. Finally, we say thank you to our customers for their on-going support. The gratitude and loyalty our customers show Vision Payroll make awards like this possible.”

Vision Payroll Offers a Superior Solution in Payroll and Other Employment-Related Areas

Vision Payroll of Leominster, Massachusetts provides payroll processing, human resource management, time and attendance, recruiting, employee screening, and talent management and collaborates with the top providers in other related areas to deliver a superior solution for the employee-related needs of today’s employers.

October 9, 2009

Question of the Week: How Can I Get Copies of My Quarterlies?

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This week’s question comes from Elizabeth, a small business owner. I need to give copies of my quarterly tax returns to my CPA so I can finish my income tax return. I can’t find my copies anywhere. How can I get copies of my quarterlies? Answer: Vision Payroll offers a CPA Reporting Service that will deliver electronic or paper copies of your quarterlies to your CPA. Your CPA will appreciate always having your file up-to-date and you’ll appreciate the timesavings for both of you at year-end. And there’s no charge for this valuable service. Send us the name and address of your CPA and we’ll get you the paperwork to enroll. Contact Vision Payroll today to get started.

November 12, 2008

Tip of the Week: Save Time and Money with Vision Payroll’s CPA Reporting Service

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Does your CPA call at year-end looking for copies of quarterly payroll reports? Don’t waste time finding them, copying them, and mailing them. Sign up now to have Vision Payroll send copies of reports to your CPA each quarter. Your CPA will appreciate always having your file up-to-date and you’ll appreciate the time-savings for both of you at year-end. And there’s no charge for this valuable service. Send us the name and address of your CPA and your next quarter’s reports will be on their way. Contact Vision Payroll today to get started.

November 5, 2008

Tip of the Week: Visit for 2009 Facts and Figures

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Are you ready to make a higher contribution to your retirement plan in 2009? Did your company establish an HSA and you’re not sure how much you can put away? Do you need to know the maximum Social Security tax that can be withheld? The election results are in and so are most of the 2009 inflation adjustments for payroll facts and figures. We’ve collected what you’ll need and added them to our 2007 and 2008 presentation and now you can get them all in one place. Click Tutorials, then Important Facts and Figures. We’ll update them as needed so you can always visit when you need the latest results.

August 20, 2008

Tip of the Week: Visit for the Latest in Payroll and HR News

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Do you need to keep up with the latest in payroll and HR news, but don ‘t have time to scour hundreds of pages of court cases, administrative opinions, law and regulation changes, and out-of-court settlements? Relax and visit every day to get a digest of all that’s news in the world of payroll and HR. Our tax staff, professional consultants, and editorial advisors read through hundreds of pages, determine what’s important, and give you a quick synopsis here every single day. Whenever possible, there’s a link to find more information. Our online HR site can provide you with forms, information, and much more. Or contact Vision Payroll today for further assistance.

August 6, 2008

Tip of the Week: Create Customizable Reports Using PayChoice Online

Do you need to create reports using payroll data over a time period? Using PayChoice Online you can prepare unlimited customizable reports. You can create payroll history for a single employee, entire departments, or all your employees and use these reports to help prepare workers’ compensation audit reports or Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) forms. You can also export report data to Excel for use in proprietary spreadsheets. If you’re already using PayChoice Online, click Web Reports and then Custom Reports. Not using PayChoice Online yet? Contact Vision Payroll to get started.

July 18, 2008

Question of the Week: How Should I Submit My Payroll?

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This week’s question comes from Jasmine, a business owner: I’m on the road visiting clients and can’t always call my hours in during the day. I’m also out-of-town frequently. What’s the best way for me to submit my payroll information? Answer: Online Employer is the perfect solution for employers to submit and receive payroll information. All you need to do is log in to our secure website, submit hours and changes, and transmit your encrypted files. We’ll take care of the rest. You can log in to review your current and past payroll reports, create your own custom reports, and even calculate a manual check 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Get the information you need on your schedule—sign up for Online Employer today.

July 9, 2008

Tip of the Week: Don’t Rekey Your Payroll

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Did you know that you can import your payroll data directly into QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, or other accounting software? Save time and avoid data entry errors through our streamlined payroll import. We work with your accountant or bookkeeper to setup the import and then you login to our website to retrieve your encrypted download. A few mouse clicks later and your payroll has been imported, allowing you to move on to more important things. Not all product versions are capable of importing files, so call us today to get more details.

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