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September 24, 2011

Back-To-Back—Vision Payroll Wins Prestigious National Award for Second Consecutive Year!

For the second straight year, Vision Payroll has been selected as an Outstanding Achievement Award winner by Payroll Associates, the leading payroll software provider in the country. The platinum level award, the highest honor given, was announced at the annual users’ conference held recently in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Customer Service Is a Top Priority at Vision Payroll

“Many companies claim to make customer service a priority,” said Anne Leader, president of Vision Payroll. “To receive a platinum-level award and be one of only four companies from among hundreds of eligible companies to win in consecutive years proves that we at Vision Payroll make customer service our top priority every day.

“Our customers recognize this dedication and that’s why each year hundreds of them choose to use Vision Payroll for their payroll and other employer services.

“We thank our employees for their hard work and customer focus that puts a human face on our leading-edge technology. We also want to thank our business associates, whose belief in us is evidenced by their many referrals each year that allow us to grow our business successfully. Finally, we say thank you to our customers for their on-going support. The gratitude and loyalty our customers show Vision Payroll make awards like this possible.”

Vision Payroll Offers a Superior Solution in Payroll and Other Employment-Related Areas

Vision Payroll of Leominster, Massachusetts provides payroll processing, human resource management, time and attendance, recruiting, employee screening, and talent management and collaborates with the top providers in other related areas to deliver a superior solution for the employee-related needs of today’s employers.

September 24, 2008

Tip of the Week: Save Time and Money, Improve Accuracy with Electronic Time Clocks

Do you spend too much time gathering and calculating employees’ hours? Are you looking to reduce excess overtime? Do you need a reliable way to assess your labor costs? Vision Payroll offers a complete line of electronic time and attendance solutions for your business. Our products were developed using Microsoft .NET web architecture, ensuring scalability, rapid deployment, and a low total cost of ownership. With a real time interface to our Online Employer you can reduce administrative tasks. For example, employees set up in Online Employer are automatically added to the time clock software. And since the software also automates complex rate calculations, you can reduce the risk of a wage miscalculation. You’ll save money by not overpaying and help protect your company from costly wage and hour suits by underpaid employees. We have solutions to reduce or eliminate buddy punching, from special badges to biometrics. Supervisors and administrators will save time spent on payroll as well, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks. The cost savings should far exceed the minimal investment you’ll need to get started. With physical time clock solutions and web-based offerings too, Vision Payroll has the answers for all companies, large and small.

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