Payroll Online

Processing payroll online gives each company much more freedom when doing payroll. Being able to see every piece of information about any employee at any time, cutting manual checks easily or running unlimited, customizable reports are just a few of the features.

Payroll online makes it easier to see how raises will affect your employees’ taxes or what your check register will look like before it’s processed.

With our Internet based software, you can do payroll from anywhere. No more worries when you go on vacation. If you need a report and you aren’t at the office, login and you have it.

With payroll online, you control the information flow and get anything you need when you need. Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us to setup a demo.

Year-End CD

In January we produce the Year-End CD for our clients. This CD includes every payroll report, every check stub, every quarterly, and every W-2 for the entire year. It provides for an easy transfer of data between our clients and their respective CPAs and can serve as a great backup to your paper records. Put it in a fire-proof box off-site or keep it in the office and get rid of all your paper!

General ledger import

Are you currently using QuickBooks or other accounting software? Vision offers a General Ledger Import, saving our clients valuable time. With a chart of accounts we can customize the import to be as detailed or simplified as you’d like. This eliminates manually keying in payroll information; importing data only takes a couple clicks of the mouse. What could take hours can now take seconds. Please click here to find out more or call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us.

Pay-as-you-go workers’ comp

Stung by the pain of a workers’ comp audit? We have a workers’ comp solution for you. Instead of direct billing, we have a pay-as-you-go program. With our insurance partners, we’re able to adjust the workers’ comp premium from week to week based on payroll figures, ensuring that clients do not over or under-pay for their coverage. With basically no audit and no down payment, workers’ comp is much easier and more simplified than ever before. Please click here to find out more or call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us.

My HR Support Center

Vision has a great HR solution called My HR Support Center.
Many companies do not have the resources to hire an HR professional. Now our clients can go directly to the experts with all their HR concerns. Twenty HR professionals spread across the country are at our clients’ disposal and can converse with them on a one-on-one, completely private basis. With downloadable, customizable handbook templates, forms, easy-to-read laws, and HRCast every month, this is the place for all your HR needs. Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us to setup a demo.

Vision Payroll’s Platinum Pay Cards

Vision Payroll’s Platinum Pay Cards allow employers to increase direct deposit participation to employees without bank accounts. With the increased efficiency, both employer and employee save money every pay period. Employees know that their money is available on payday without time-consuming trips, expensive check-cashing stores, or the inconvenience of lost checks. Employees can use their Vision Payroll Platinum Pay Card at any of the more than 24 million locations where Visa® debit is accepted and get cash at more than 1 million ATMs world-wide. All this helps the environment too by eliminating wasteful trips and reducing paper forms. Get your pay card now, or for more details call us at 978.840.1635 or e-mail us.


Have you or someone you know been affected by identity theft? Chances are you have. One out of six Americans will be affected by identity theft this year. To help combat this, Vision has formed a partnership with LifeLock, an identity theft prevention service. This service places fraud alerts on your accounts every 90 days. They also remove your name from credit card mass mailings. Most importantly, LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to clear your good name if your credit is damaged while under their protection. With LifeLock, you can be guaranteed that your identity is secure. Please click here to find out more or call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us.

Pre-tax 125 Plans

Massachusetts now mandates that any employer with over 11 full time employees must have a 125 plan. However, it makes sense for all employers, small or large, in Massachusetts or throughout the country. Why? Because 125 plans allow employees to put money aside for health insurance before tax thereby saving them (and you) money. Vision can administer your 125 plan to start saving you money right away. Please click here to see how much your company could save or call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us.

Employee Services

Employees are constantly looking for information. What their health premium is, what their retirement contribution is, what they are claiming, how much PTO time they have currently. If your company has this, Employee Services is the answer. With Employee Services, each employee can view (and change – but only what you allow) their personal information with their personal login. When they move, they change their address. When they need a check stub or W2, they print it out. This allows employees to be more productive with their time, and you more productive with yours. Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us to setup a demo.

Time and attendance solutions

Frustrated with paper timecards, buddy punching, or complex machines that you cannot figure out? Vision has many different time and attendance solutions for all types of companies and situations. From biometric hand readers to web clocks to badge swipes, the entire suite of time and attendance products can be used to save you time (less calculations) and money (less guessing or buddy punching). Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us to setup a demo.

Retirement plans

Potentially, Social security will run out of money in 2018. After that, the future of the program is in question. Most companies have the overwhelming majority of their employees who will retire decades after this. The perfect way to combat this is to have a solid retirement plan. From 401k to Roth IRAs, our vendors can provide you with the perfect retirement plan for your company. This gives you and your employees a much brighter future. Call us today at 978.840.1635, or e-mail us.

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