IRS Outlines How to Determine If Worker Is an Employee

In a response to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in Information Letter 2010-0001, explains how to determine if a worker is an employee for federal income tax withholding purposes. The determination of employee or independent...

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IRS Issues Guidance on Payments to Deceased Employees

The IRS recently issued guidance for reporting wages paid in 2008 (including accrued wages and vacation pay) on behalf of deceased employees. Although state law generally controls who receives the unpaid wages, the reporting follows the same rules even if the check is...

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Reduced Taxes Due on Reclassified Employees

In Private Letter Ruling 200825043, the IRS concluded that employers who receive a determination letter from the IRS that someone previously classified as an independent contractor should be classified as a employee may use §3509 to reduce the amount of employee FICA...

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