July 16, 2008
Tip of the Week: Stay Better Organized with ViewChoice
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Vision Payroll

Do you wish you could be better organized? Do you wonder where you put that payroll report that you need? Is your filing cabinet overflowing? Do you worry about identity theft? Do you need to protect your sensitive payroll data from nosy employees? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ViewChoice is the answer for you. Don’t wait for payroll reports to arrive in the mail. Get access to your reports instantly as soon as your payroll is processed. Using encrypted files and proprietary viewing software, your reports can be made more secure from unauthorized access while reducing clutter and storage requirements. Print the reports that you need when you need them. Easily create Adobe pdf files of any report, check stub, or W-2. At year-end, you’ll automatically get a CD that contains all these reports and more. Simply give it to your CPA and eliminate those pesky payroll questions. All the answers are on your CD, saving time for both of you. And time is money. Sign up for ViewChoice today and be better organized tomorrow!


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