September 24, 2008
Tip of the Week: Save Time and Money, Improve Accuracy with Electronic Time Clocks
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Vision Payroll

Do you spend too much time gathering and calculating employees’ hours? Are you looking to reduce excess overtime? Do you need a reliable way to assess your labor costs? Vision Payroll offers a complete line of electronic time and attendance solutions for your business. Our products were developed using Microsoft .NET web architecture, ensuring scalability, rapid deployment, and a low total cost of ownership. With a real time interface to our Online Employer you can reduce administrative tasks. For example, employees set up in Online Employer are automatically added to the time clock software. And since the software also automates complex rate calculations, you can reduce the risk of a wage miscalculation. You’ll save money by not overpaying and help protect your company from costly wage and hour suits by underpaid employees. We have solutions to reduce or eliminate buddy punching, from special badges to biometrics. Supervisors and administrators will save time spent on payroll as well, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks. The cost savings should far exceed the minimal investment you’ll need to get started. With physical time clock solutions and web-based offerings too, Vision Payroll has the answers for all companies, large and small.


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