IRS Rules on Deductibility of Accrued Bonuses

In Revenue Ruling 2011-29, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled that a taxpayer can establish the “fact of the liability” under §461 for bonuses payable to a group of employees even though the employer does not know the identity of any particular bonus recipient...

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QuikTrip Will Pay Almost $750,000 in Overtime Back Wages

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has announced that QuikTrip Corp. (QuikTrip) will pay $747,729 in overtime back wages for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The 3,819 current and former employees affected will receive an average of $196 each. In announcing...

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Tip of the Week: Schedule Additional Bonus Payrolls Now

Are you planning an end-of year bonus payroll for employees? With only four weeks left in 2008, now is the time to schedule any additional payrolls you need. Many employers like to distribute bonus checks at a firm party or get-together. If the bonus checks are...

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IRS Clarifies Withholding on Supplemental Wages

In Revenue Ruling 2008-29, the IRS clarified the amount of federal income tax to be withheld on certain supplemental wages. Situations covered include sales commissions, draws, signing bonuses, severance pay, annual leave, vacation and sick pay, and sick pay paid at a...

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