Hawai’i Reduces Taxable Wage Base from $38,800 to $34,900

Governor Linda Lingle signed into law HB 2169 that lowers the taxable wage base for 2010 from $38,800 to $34,900 or 90% of the average annual wage for 2010 and 2011. The new law also sets the rate schedule to Schedule D for 2010 and Schedule F for 2011. Vision Payroll...

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Hawai‘i Unemployment Wage Base to Increase to $37,800

Director Darwin Ching of the Hawai‘i Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) has announced an increase in the taxable wage base for 2010. The wage base will increase from $13,000 for 2009 to $37,800 for 2010. Contact Vision Payroll if you have any...

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