November 23, 2008
Firm Assessed Over $10 Million in Back Wages and Wage and Hour Penalties
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Vision Payroll

David Neil, Commissioner of the Iowa Division of Labor Services (DLS), announced recently that the DLS has assessed fines of $9,988,200 and back wages of approximately $265,000 against Agriprocessors, Inc. The violations allegedly occurred during the period from January 1, 2006 to June 30, 2008. The fines were $339,700 for illegal deductions of “sales tax/miscellaneous”, $9,643,600 for illegal deductions for frocks, and $4,900 for shorting paychecks. A total of $264,786.45 was allegedly illegally deducted from employees resulting in the back wages claim. Agriprocessors, Inc. has thirty days to contest the penalties before they become final. Vision Payroll strongly recommends consulting with your labor law attorney to ensure all wage deductions are done properly.


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