November 08, 2011
IRS Plans to Release New Form for Business Address Changes
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IRS Commissioner Douglas H. ShulmanThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a draft of a new form, Form 8822-B, Change of Address—Business. The new form will be used to notify the IRS if you changed your business mailing address or your business location.

IRS Uses USPS National Change of Address Database

The IRS automatically updates your address of record based on any new address you provide the US Postal Service (USPS). The IRS uses the information in the USPS’s National Change of Address database. The IRS also automatically updates your address of record when the USPS changes your address because of a new Zip Code boundary or other administrative reason. IRS notices or documents sent to a taxpayer’s “last known address,” are legally effective even if the taxpayer never receives it.

Form 8822-B Will Have a Signature Requirement

An officer, owner, general partner or LLC member manager, plan administrator, fiduciary, or an authorized representative will be required to sign Form 8822-B. An officer is the president, vice president, treasurer, chief accounting officer, etc. A representative signing on behalf of the taxpayer must attach to Form 8822-B a copy of Form 2848. The IRS will not complete an address change from an “unauthorized” third party.

Contact Vision Payroll Today

Clients should be sure to inform Vision Payroll of any address changes so that tax returns are filed using the correct address.


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