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January 21, 2011

Question of the Week: How Do I Reconcile My W-2 to My Last Pay Stub?

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How Do I Reconcile My W-2 to My Last Pay Stub?
How Do I Reconcile My W-2 to My Last Pay Stub?
This week’s question comes from Brenda, a company executive vice-president. I compared my Form W-2 to my last pay stub and there are differences between the amounts listed on the Form W-2 and the amounts on my last pay stub. How do I reconcile my W-2 to my last pay stub? Answer: The amounts on the Form W-2 may differ from gross pay on your last pay stub for several reasons. By starting with your last pay stub and adding or subtracting typical adjustments, most employees can easily reconcile the two amounts.

Vision Payroll Document Can Assist in Reconciling Form W-2 To Last Pay Stub

The Vision Payroll web site contains a document that helps employees reconcile their Form W-2 to their last pay stub. It contains the most common adjustments to reconcile a pay stub to the amounts in the various boxes. It also contains explanatory information for coded amounts on the Form W-2.

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