Tip of the Week: Traditional or PTO

Although there are no federal or state laws that require an employer to pay for vacation or sick time, many employers offer these benefits as an additional enticement for employees. Employers need to consider whether they should maintain a traditional paid...

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Tip of the Week: Who Needs a Vacation?

Employers are often thrilled to have those employees who are always on time, never take a sick day, and never take a vacation. But are they model employees, necessary employees, or a stress case waiting to happen? Does returning to a desk-full of unfinished work worry...

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IRS Issues Guidance on Payments to Deceased Employees

The IRS recently issued guidance for reporting wages paid in 2008 (including accrued wages and vacation pay) on behalf of deceased employees. Although state law generally controls who receives the unpaid wages, the reporting follows the same rules even if the check is...

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