July 15, 2009
Tip of the Week: Who Needs a Vacation?
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Employers are often thrilled to have those employees who are always on time, never take a sick day, and never take a vacation. But are they model employees, necessary employees, or a stress case waiting to happen? Does returning to a desk-full of unfinished work worry them? Are they worried about losing work to a co-worker? Or in this time of layoffs are they worried about appearing to uncommitted to their work?

Learn the answers to these questions and also what you need to know about how local laws may impact your vacation policies in this month’s HRCast, a recording provided by our team of HR Pros and available exclusively on MyHRSupportCenter. You’ll learn if you must offer vacation time and if you should offer vacation time. Learn if you can cap the employee’s balance at some pre-determined level, whether you can limit how much vacation is taken, or when it is taken. Learn what you need to know about forced vacation time and how it’s impacted by the employee’s exempt or non-exempt status.

Visit MyHRSupportCenter regularly not only for our HRCasts, but also to get late-breaking compliance alerts, best practices to implement, and HR tools to use every day. If you’re not yet signed up or would like a free trial of MyHRSupportCenter, contact Vision Payroll today.


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