November 19, 2010
Question of the Week: Are There Any Other Credit Reduction States for 2010?
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Governor Mark Sanford, Courtesy of South Carolina Governor's OfficeThis week’s question comes from Peter, a company controller. I read that Michigan is a credit reduction state for 2010. Are there any other credit reduction states for 2010? Answer: Federal law provides for a reduction in the FUTA tax credit when a state has outstanding federal loans for two years. The credit reduction is calculated on Schedule A of Form 940.

South Carolina and Michigan Are the Credit Reduction States for 2010

In addition to Michigan, the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce has announced that South Carolina is also a FUTA credit reduction state for 2010.

Maximum Tax Increase Is $21 per Employee

Since this is South Carolina’s first year as a credit reduction state, the credit reduction will be 0.3% or a maximum of $21 per employee. This is calculated by multiplying the wage base of $7,000 by the credit reduction of 0.3%.

Michigan, South Carolina and Indiana Are Credit Reduction States for 2010

As noted elsewhere and in the comments, the three credit reduction states for 2010 are Michigan, South Carolina, and Indiana. Unless Congress changes the rules or states make significant changes, as many as thirty-eight states may be credit reduction states in 2011.

Vision Payroll Will Calculate the Credit Reduction for All South Carolina Clients

Contact Vision Payroll if you have any further questions on the South Carolina credit reduction.

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  1. John

    It looks like Indiana is a Credit Reduction State for 2010 also.

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