January 19, 2011
Tip of the Week: Best HR Practices for 2011
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Best HR Practices for 2011Employers, especially small and mid-sized companies, need to stay in compliance to flourish in the New Year. By knowing the business-critical HR practices that can help, employers can take the big first step toward staying in compliance.

Five Hot Areas Employers Must Address Now

  1. Proof of Compliance
  2. Misclassification of Workers
  3. Recordkeeping Requirements
  4. Health Care Reform
  5. Workplace Technology

Learn the Best HR Practices for 2011 Now

To learn more about each of these areas, be sure to listen to Best HR Practices for 2011 in this month’s HRCast, a recording provided by our team of HR Pros and available exclusively on MyHRSupportCenter.

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