February 04, 2011
Question of the Week: When Will the 2011 Publication 1494 Be Released?
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When Will the 2011 Publication 1494 Be Released?This week’s question comes from Christina, an HR director. We use Publication 1494 to determine the amount of wages exempt from levy. Publication 1494 is usually available in December for the following year. When will the 2011 Publication 1494 be released? Answer: Publication 1494, Tables for Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income (Forms 668-W(ACS), 668-W(c)(DO) and 668-W(ICS)), is used to calculate the amount of wages and other income exempt from levies for delinquent taxes and was recently released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Use New Publication 1494 for Levies Issued in 2011

In addition to levies issued in 2011, employers use the revised amounts to calculate the exempt amount if the employee should provide a revised statement showing a change in filing status or exemptions. The amounts have increased slightly over the amounts used for levies issued in 2010.

Vision Payroll Can Assist in Publication 1494 Calculations

Contact Vision Payroll for assistance in automating the calculation of the exemption and levy amounts on employees’ paychecks.


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