November 16, 2011
Tip of the Week: Top Three Employer Hot Points During This Holiday Season
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Top Three Employer Hot Points During This Holiday SeasonWith many company holiday celebrations being planned, employers need to be aware of and prepare for potential workplace-related risks and liabilities.

Three Areas You Must Be Well Prepared to Address

  1. Religious Accommodation: Some employees may feel uncomfortable with the inclusion or exclusion of certain holiday celebrations. Do you have a fair resolution process for dealing with complaints?
  2. Harassment and Discrimination: Harassment and discrimination are issues year-round, but may be more prevalent during holiday social gatherings. Have you reminded employees about inappropriate conversations and actions before such gatherings?
  3. Alcohol and Drug Use: Inappropriate and illegal drug and alcohol use during company functions is still a high-profile concern. Have you set the expectations about what is and is not acceptable drug and alcohol use at company events?

Have You Addressed the Top Three Employer Hot Points During This Holiday Season?

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