November 27, 2011
IRS Revamps Schedule A for 2011
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IRS Revamps Schedule A for 2011The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a revamped Schedule A for Form 940 for 2011. The revised Schedule A includes a line for every state as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Revamped Form Necessitated by Increase in Number of Credit Reduction States

A revision to Schedule A was required since the number of states and territories subject to a credit reduction increased from three in 2010 to twenty-one in 2011.

Each State Is Listed with the Relevant Rate

The individual lines for each state, DC, PR and VI are listed with the applicable credit reduction rate. Taxpayers should simply enter the wages paid in each state and multiply by that state’s rate. Wages should be entered even for states that have a zero credit reduction rate.

Not All Taxpayers Must File Schedule A

Not every taxpayer that is required to file Form 940 is required to file Schedule A. Taxpayers that pay wages in more than one state or taxpayers that pay wages in a credit reduction state must complete and file Schedule A. Taxpayers that pay wages only in a single state that is not a credit reduction state need not complete or file Schedule A.

Rely on Vision Payroll for Your Schedule A

Vision Payroll will complete and electronically file Schedule A for all tax pay and file clients. Employers will be able to download a copy of Schedule A for their records.


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