Do you offer Green Solutions to control paper waste?

I’m running out of room in my office because of piles of paper. I don’t need all of it. Plus, I want to help the environment by going paperless. Do you have any solutions for that? Yes. With electronic delivery of payroll reports and stubs, combined with our Employee...

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When is the latest time I can submit my payroll?

We would like your payroll two business days before the check date, preferably before 2 PM. If submitted after that time, we will try our best to get everything done and out on time; however, we can’t guarantee anything after that will make the direct deposit or...

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What can I expect to owe in employer taxes?

Federally, all for profit companies have similar taxing situations. Every company must match the employees’ FICA and Medicare. In 2008, this is 6.2% of the first eligible $102,000 and 1.45% for all employees’ eligible wages. Federal unemployment tax is .8% of the...

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How long does direct deposit take to set up?

After we receive the necessary completed ACH Authorization Agreement, we will send a prenote during the next payroll process. A prenote is a security procedure to make sure the account is active and associated with the correct person. After we send the prenote, it...

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How does it work?

Each pay period, you or someone in your organization provides us with your payroll data, either online, by email, fax, or phone. We calculate the checks and deductions and send them to you. We will provide detailed reports describing the most current pay run with year...

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What does a payroll service do?

Business payroll services typically handle a wide range of tasks, including calculating paycheck and tax obligations, printing and delivering checks, and providing management reports. Payroll service firms such as Vision Payroll also offer other payroll-related...

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Is a payroll service right for my business?

Payroll processing and reporting can be a time-consuming task that can prove costly in valuable employee time as well as expensive accounting software and training. In addition, there are changes in personnel, deadlines, and tax requirements that need to be handled....

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