April 23, 2010
Question of the Week: Can We Go Back and Claim Payroll Tax Forgiveness under the HIRE Act?
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This week’s question comes from Aaron, a business owner. I just found out about the payroll tax forgiveness under the HIRE Act. We’ve hired several qualifying employees and already deposited the payroll taxes that should’ve been forgiven. Can we go back and claim payroll tax forgiveness under the HIRE Act? Answer: Under the HIRE Act, for otherwise qualifying employees, the OASDI tax, “Shall not apply to wages paid…with respect to employment during the period beginning [March 19, 2010]…and ending on December 31, 2010.” Employers may claim the credit for taxes paid related to these wages even if the taxes that are being forgiven have already been deposited. Simply reduce other payroll tax deposits in the current quarter or claim a refund with the filing of Form 941. Contact Vision Payroll if you have any further questions concerning payroll tax forgiveness under the HIRE Act.


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