June 11, 2010
Question of the Week: What is the Deadline for Obtaining Form W-11?
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This week’s question comes from Paul, a business owner. I have an ex-employee who qualifies for payroll tax forgiveness under the HIRE Act. We haven’t been able to get the signed Form W-11 yet. What is the deadline for obtaining Form W-11? Under the HIRE Act, for otherwise qualifying employees, employers are not required to pay the matching portion of OASDI or social security tax. Qualified employees must sign Form W-11, Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act Employee Affidavit, to allow employers to claim the payroll tax forgiveness. Employers must obtain the signed Form W-11 before claiming any payroll tax forgiveness. Therefore, to claim the exemption for the second quarter of 2010, employers must obtain the signed Form W-11 before August 3, 2010 in order to file by the deadline of August 2, 2010. Employers that made timely deposits in full payment of their taxes for a quarter have ten more days after the due date to file Form 941, Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return. Employers that do not receive signed Form W-11 until after they’ve filed Form 941 may not claim the payroll tax forgiveness on Form 941, but must file Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund, to claim the exemption. Contact Vision Payroll if you have further questions on the deadline for obtaining Form W-11.


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