July 02, 2010
Question of the Week: Do I Need To Withhold State Tax on Wages Paid to Non-Residents?
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This week’s question comes from Aaron, a business owner. We have several employees who work in Massachusetts, but live in neighboring states. Do I need to withhold state tax on wages paid to non-residents? Answer: Massachusetts requires employers to withhold state tax from wages paid to non-residents for services performed in Massachusetts. Most states have similar requirements that employers withhold tax on non-residents, but some states do not require withholding until a certain time or dollar limits are reached. Additionally, some states have setup reciprocal agreements with other states that allow the employees to be taxed in their home states. Massachusetts (and many other states) has special rules for unique occupations such as athletes, entertainers, and flight crewmembers. Contact Vision Payroll for further information on your unique situation.


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