March 04, 2011
Question of the Week: What Is a Taxable Wage Base?
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What Is a Taxable Wage Base?This week’s question comes from April, an office manager. I’ve read that the taxable wage base has increased in New Hampshire for 2011, but I’m not sure of the impact. What is a taxable wage base? Answer: The taxable wage base is the amount of income that will be taxed in a particular year.

New Hampshire Taxable Wage Base Is $12,000

For 2011, the New Hampshire taxable wage base is $12,000. Therefore, all subject wages earned during 2011 by an employee up to $12,000 will be taxed for New Hampshire unemployment purposes. Once $12,000 of wages have been taxed for New Hampshire unemployment purposes, no additional New Hampshire unemployment tax will be due for that employee for the rest of 2011.

Taxable Wage Bases Range from $7,000 to $37,300

For 2011, the federal taxable wage base is $7,000. Three states, Arizona, California, Florida and Puerto Rico all have the lowest taxable wage base of $7,000. Washington has the highest taxable wage base at $37,300.

Find Out the Wage Base for All States by Visiting the Vision Payroll Unemployment Taxable Wage Base Page

Contact Vision Payroll if you have any further questions or visit our Unemployment Taxable Wage Base page.


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