September 03, 2011
Question of the Week: Can You Tell Me More About HR Compliance Services?
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Can You Tell Me More About HR Compliance Services?This week’s question comes from John, an HR director. I read about HR On-Demand previously and would like more information. Can you tell me more about HR Compliance Services? Answer: HR Compliance Services is one of three great HR solutions that Vision Payroll offers its customers. The other two are MyHRSupportCenter and HR On-Demand.

Get Support from Your Assigned HR Pro

With HR Compliance Services, you get continuous, ongoing support from your very own assigned HR Pro. It’s like having a full time HR Pro on staff. Your HR Pro partners with you to understand your company and is there whenever needed.

An HR Auditor Will Help Identify Areas of Concerns, Risks, and Violations

A Certified HR Auditor will visit on-site and conduct an audit of your HR functions to identify areas of concerns, risks, and violations. An HR Compliance Action Plan will be created, thus providing the written documentation for you and your assigned HR Pro to work toward workplace compliance and correction of violations. HR forms, documents, education and training are all included.

Expect More with HR Compliance Services

In addition to all the services you’d get with HR On-Demand, HR Compliance Services offers the following:

  • On-site HR Audit: A Certified HR Auditor visits you on-site and conducts an audit.
  • Customized HR Compliance Action Plan: Results of audit are analyzed, and an HR action plan is created and catered to your business.
  • Assigned HR Pro: Your designated HR Pro works with you on the action plan priorities.
  • HR Compliance Coaching: Regular meetings with the HR Pro are scheduled to help you stay on track.
  • Annual Labor Law Posters and Updates: State and Federal!

And so much more!

Get Started with HR On-Demand Today

If you would like to upgrade to or get started on HR On-Demand, contact Vision Payroll today.


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