August 19, 2011
Question of the Week: How Can I Get an Updated Handbook?
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How Can I Get an Updated Handbook?This week’s question comes from Eileen, an office manager. I read about your handbook wizard application, but we already have a handbook that hasn’t been updated in several years. How can I get an updated handbook? Answer: Vision Payroll offers three levels of HR support: MyHRSupportCenter, HR On-Demand, and HR Compliance Services. Different options are available depending upon which service your company has chosen.

All Levels May Use the Handbook Wizard

Clients who subscribe to any of the levels of service listed above may use the Handbook Wizard to create a new handbook. If it has been several years since your handbook was updated, it may be more practical to create a new handbook than to amend your existing handbook.

Customers Using HR On-Demand May Request Assistance

Customers using HR On Demand may request assistance with their handbook. There are four levels of service an HR On-Demand customer may request:

  • General handbook questions – no consultation needed as answers will be provided by e-mail
  • Handbook orientation – a sixty-minute consultation to help you create a new handbook
  • Policy consultation – a thirty-minute consultation to update and address specific policies
  • Annual review – a thirty-minute consultation to review your current handbook to help ensure it is still compliant

Customers Using HR Compliance Services Will Get Feedback Based On Their Audit

Customers using HR Compliance Services will be contacted to discuss and review their handbook and to make changes as necessary. The information gathered during their HR compliance audit will be used to assess their current handbook. Additionally, these customers may also request assistance in the same manner as HR On-Demand customers.

Get Started Updating Your Handbook Today

If you haven’t yet signed up and would like a free trial of MyHRSupportCenter, contact Vision Payroll today.


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